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Do You Know Anyone Who’s Paying to Process Credit Card Sales?

If So, You Could Be Making a Commission On Our Sales!


Thank you for taking the time to check out The Payment Experts referral partner program! The highest compliment you can give us is a recommendation to the people you know, like, and trust! That’s why we’re so grateful for your interest in this program. We can’t wait to start sending you commission checks!

Join us in sharing the good news of much needed relief for the business community!

Help Businesses you know Stop Paying to Get Paid.


Here's how it works:

When you sign up to be The Payment Expert referral partner, you’ll get a special link to our website. Share this link with your friends, family, business associates--anyone you feel would benefit from us--and when they use your link to check out our site, our system tracks them. If they decide to make a purchase, no matter how big or small, you make a commission!

We’ll also provide you with resources, like emails and content, that you can use on your website or social media pages to help you promote your Referral Partner Link--and The Payment Experts

Sounds amazing, right? It’s about to get better! Our referral partners receive a generous 10% residual commission on revenue processed by your friends, family, and associates, as long as your special link is used when they sign up! It’s a near effortless way to increase your bottom line!

  • All affiliate commissions are paid via ACH (direct deposit)

  • Payouts are made no later than the 30th of each month

  • A minimum balance of $50 must be reached in order for a payout to be made

What's the next step?

Becoming a referral partner with The Payment Experts is simple! Simply click the button below and you will receive an email with your referral partner link, as well as access to resources you can use to introduce The Payment Expert to anyone you think might benefit from our Service Fee Payment Processing. 

We want to be sure you’re comfortable in your role as a referral partner, so consider this:

  • We won’t pressure you to “sell” - the best referrals happen when it comes naturally into conversation!

  • You get 10% from every sale that closes from those that you refer to us!

  • We will provide you with any content you may need to promote The Payment Experts!

  • You become an exclusive partner and will receive special offers from us!


And’re under no obligation. You can sign up just in case you have a chance to share information about The Payment Experts with someone you know. There are no quotas to meet. It’s just a great way to make some extra money with little effort on your part!


If you still have questions about our Referral Partner Program, please contact Misty Mendenhall 888-395-1361 or

We’re here to help you succeed!


From Agents and Affiliates to Developer and Industry Partners, there’s a level of connection that’s perfect for you!

The #1 motivation for people building a business is a lifestyle, for now, and the future. Building a successful business lifestyle has two parts: The needs of your 1) clients and 2) your business.


If you are looking to be part of a team environment and value good human ethics, we may be your best fit. Our focus is on building strong relationships and adding value to your member services with our innovative payment processing solutions. 


Partner with us – it’s easy! Complete the online application on behalf of yourself or your organization.

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